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For most of us, change comes slowly, almost imperceptibly, like maple leaves in autumn. We suddenly find ourselves different but we canít quite place a finger on when or where the change occurred. Not so Scott Yonge. He didnít see it coming of course, he was there to play. Everything else revolved around that axis. He had no idea the next thirty minutes of that particular night would turn his simple Bohemian life into something beyond complicated. March, 2001, springtime in LA. He was backstage at the Garrett Awards, the Independent Film Producer's yearly hoopla. In a few minutes he would go on to perform his nominated Song of the Year contribution in front of a live TV audience, but his mind was not on the task. He could think of nothing but Michelle Zoe, up and coming independent film actress, and a presenter at that nightís telecast. Already, the winds of change swirled around him as he walked the back hallways to the stage, yet heíd known her for less than fifteen minutes. Little did he know that his antics before and during his surprising acceptance speech would bind the Canadian prairie boy he was to the small town Oklahoma girl she would always be, irrevocably linked in the eyes of the adoring public. Boom, suddenly they were red to the world. One song can do that. One song brought Scott Yonge to that place in his life.

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