ONE SONG - Book One


One Song, book one of the Trilogy is a 108,000 word completed manuscript.

Some would say it is an illusion. Others say it is a mere chemical reaction to be rationalized as a runaway emotion best left lying in the dirt. No matter, when it happens, it is undeniable. When it happens, two people connect on an intuitive level that our language has yet to adequately describe. Canadian musician Scott Yonge and Oklahoma actress Michelle Zoe find in each other that connection, that elusive mystical state we all seek but so seldom attain. And just as well, they would need a strong bond to get them through the next nineteen days. They’d been anointed the new darlings of the Hollywood machine, poised to shoot to the top of their chosen professions on a wave of public adulation. But Scott has unfinished business to attend to, so they embark from Los Angeles to Calgary where Scott’s past and present worlds are forced to reconcile. When Michelle’s investigative talents reveal to Scott the true circumstances of his mother’s death, he is freed from the spectre that has haunted him since his tenth year. The man he was and the life he lived is forever changed by Michelle’s guiding hand, and by the whirlwind around their suddenly exploding careers.

Music From One Song

Original sketch by Haley Craw