SAM - Book Two


SAM, book two of the Trilogy is a 166,000 word completed manuscript.

A certain holistic knowledge impels us all to do what we do. We may reason our way to a conclusion, but in the end, we run on instinct. Scott Yonge and Michelle Zoe relied on instinct to carry them through the twists and turns of their first nineteen days together. And in so doing, they built a bond far beyond that which such a timeline would dictate. Now they embrace day twenty with their return to Los Angeles, firmly entrenched in each other and the pursuit of their respective art house careers. Scott’s new CD release and their joint appearances on the national talk shows fuel Scott’s rapid rise through the club and concert circuits. By summer’s end, Scott Yonge & The Zone is a fixture in the huge indoor and outdoor sports arenas across the country. Michelle's career explodes in tandem when her independent film Going to Memphis hits the mainstream on the back of a strong but controversial premiere. Like it or not, she is the new ‘It Girl’ but she is too busy shooting another movie to revel in her new found fame. Ironically, their personal achievements are overshadowed by the public’s incessant appetite for them as a couple. There is room for little else in their lives, including each other, and the media fishbowl they live in tears at them as 2001 comes to a close. Will the Hollywood paparazzi eat them up and spit them out? It takes the Scheck Incident, Scott and Michelle's horrific chance encounter with a low-level hit man to decide their fate as a couple.

Music From SAM

Original sketch by Haley Craw