HEDLEY - Book Three


Hedley, book three of the Trilogy is a 104,000 word completed manuscript.

Hedley picks up the story seven years later when Scott is talked out of retirement by his ex manager. Scott emerges from his peaceful Ada, Oklahoma existence into an America that is embroiled in a Middle East Conflict and has moved vastly to the right on the wings of that involvement. When the draft is re-introduced, the polarized left latches onto 'MaryAnn Said', a new song by Scott that tells the story of Bobby Johnson, a wounded and disabled young war vet returning home to reclaim a life that no longer exists. Bobby Johnson becomes the rallying cry of the movement, and Scott, through no fault or wish of his own is looked upon as the division point between the right and the left in the political struggle. An ultra-right wing home grown militant group calling themselves The American Freedom Force, uses the ensuing controversy as an excuse to abduct Scott's six year old son Hedley from the sanctuary of summer camp. The AFF aims to exchange Hedley’s life for Scott’s, and to then ‘try’ Scott for his so called crimes against the American public. Scott, Michelle, Michelle’s nuclear family and their inner circle of close friends fall under the scrutiny of the AFF and are assigned unpleasant and sometimes demoralizing duties that must be completed prior to the exchange process. Scott is left to deal with hard choices and dangerous circumstances in order to bring his son home. Welcome to 2009.

Music From Hedley

Original sketch by Haley Craw